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"F R P" Work Mats, Rubber Feet "G R P" Work Platform

Ergonomic Grating Work Mats Advantages

    • Corrosion Resistant
    • Slip Resistant
    • Superior Ergonomics
    • Lightweight
    • Long Service Life

With Fibergrate's rubber feet for grating, customers have a cost-effective solution to elevate grating 1/2" above the ground for needed drainage or waterflow, creating a a slip resistant, ergonomic "work mat." The open mesh of the grating combined with the raised area - created by the rubber feet - allows chips and fluids to fall below the standing surface. This protects workers by helping to eliminate slip and fall hazards. These are perfect for applications such as lathes or mills to provide a safe, lightweight and portable workstation.

Custom Work Platforms available upon request.