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"G R P" Sound Barrier Wall
"F R P" Sound Barrier Wall
"G R P" Soundscape Soundwall

Sound Barrier Walls Advantages

    • Corrosion Resistant
    • Slip Resistant
    • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio
    • Lightweight

The Soundscape® Wall Solutions sound barrier walls have the strength and benefits of all Fibergrate's FRP products. With the economical, high quality process of pultrusion, Soundscape planks will outperform, cost less, last longer and install faster than other noise wall options.


Soundscape sound barrier wall meets or exceeds all AASHTO and DOT guidelines, is available in multiple finish options and is graffiti, moisture and freeze/thaw resistant. Unlike concrete and steel solutions, Soundscape wall's modular and lightweight design doesn't require heavy equipment for installation or repairs, even with spans up to 24 feet. In addition, it will not crack, rust, warp or rot and is stronger and more resilient than other choices. Soundscape sound barrier also has a Sound Transmission Class of 30.