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FRP Service Platforms for Generators

F R P Maintenance PlatformMolded Fiberglass GratingG R P Dynarail Guardrail, F R P Molded Stair Treads

Project Specs:

Location: Chesterfield, Michigan

Application: FRP Service Platforms for Generators

Product:Molded Grating, Dynaform® Structural Shapes, Fibertred® Molded Stair Treads, and Dynarail® Guardrail


A new, long-term care housing and facility was built in Chesterfield, Michigan, for veterans of the United States military. This facility will be home to 128 veterans, and the neighborhood offers amenities such as a barbershop, courtyards, a bistro, and a community center that will offer clinical and therapeutic services to the residents. The facility seeks to provide a home-like environment for everyone living there.


The maintenance staff needed a sturdy, electrically non-conductive platform to access the generators’ service doors. Because it was a last-minute addition, the budget was limited. In addition to saving money on the installation, the customer wanted the structure to contrast with the black generators.


The customer approached their local Fibergrate territory manager because they decided to add service platforms to the two generators at this state-of-the-art complex. After the territory manager, engineering team, and estimating group analyzed the customer’s requirements, Fibergrate designed and fabricated a non-conductive service platform for the generators. Fibergrate’s molded grating, Dynaform structural shapes, Fibertred molded stair treads, and Dynarail guardrails were selected for the installation. The contractor had used fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) before, so they were confident that the outstanding corrosion resistant properties of FRP would offer years of service without being deteriorated by the weather. Fibergrate FRP grating is electrically non-conductive and offers a slip resistant surface, so it will increase the safety of the maintenance staff working around electrical equipment. The aesthetics of the molded grating, the molded stair treads, and guardrail system exceeded the customer’s expectations.

Fibergrate was able to deliver exceptional customer service and a safe, long-lasting solution within budget for this customer. Once again, the performance of Fibergrate solutions sets us ahead while our service sets us apart!


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