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Luxor Screening Project


Downey, California


Dynaform® structure; Fiberplate® (fiberglass reinforced plastic plate); Dryvit® exterior finish

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The lightweight features of FRP allowed for easy installation on the top of the building which also saved money on installation cost.

Aesthetically Pleasing:

The FRP screening would house the antennas and blend with the existing building facade.

No Cellular Interference:

FRP does not interfere with cellular signals, as steel products could.

Application Highlights:

With the growth of cellular communications, there has been a growing trend of building owners partnering with wireless companies to house antennas on their building's roof. Many antennas have been designed with metal structure and filled core panels; but cellular companies are constantly searching for screening materials that have added benefits such as weather resistance, no signal interference, lightweight for easy and fast installation, aesthetics and the ability to blend well with the existing building. This building owner wanted to create a structure to hide cellular antennas on top of this store plaza. The owner was looking for a product to match the existing building's facade for an aesthetically pleasing appearance while also being resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Fibergrate was able to provide materials to construct a structure that would maintain the consistency of the building below. Dynaform® structural shapes were used to create the frame of the structure and 1/4" Fiberplate® was used for paneling around the structure's exterior. A heavy stucco textured finish was field applied by Dryvit®. The main structure was fully erected in only two days. Fibergrate simulated the same Spanish style of architecture when designing the structure and added a custom molded composite tile roof to match the existing tile roof. Not only was Fibergrate able to match the current building's façade, the components of FRP will not interfere with the antenna signals and its resistance to outdoor elements will require little maintenance during the building's existence.

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