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Seagate Technologies


Minneapolis, Minnesota


Micro-Mesh® grating, 2' x 2' panels with Vi-Corr® resin system; grating pedestals

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Corrosion Resistant:

FRP does not have the corrosion problems that an aluminum system would in this digital storage facility.



Lightweight FRP material made it easy for removal and accessible to the cables and wiring beneath the surface of the flooring.

Application Highlights:

From protecting treasured family photos and personal music collections to developing next-generation consumer electronics devices and large enterprise networks, Seagate Technologies has been delivering advanced digital storage solutions to meet the needs of today's consumers and tomorrow's applications. For their facility located in Minneapolis, Seagate Technologies wanted an easily replaceable floor system for a wet process clean room but did not want the corrosion problems inherent with a typical aluminum system.

Fibergrate's Micro-Mesh® in a Vi-Corr® resin system was chosen for two areas, each approximately 2500 square feet. The FRP grating was used along the plating line for disk drive component production in the wafer board area. This project was actually in two phases, with the second phase of grating receiving an ESD (electro-static discharge) coating from the contractor. Fibergrate's quad head grating legs were used to support the Micro-Mesh panels.

Seagate Technologies - FRP in Microelctronics Market