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Sports Medicine Center Shower Room


Dallas, Texas


Aqua Grate® T1210 pultruded grating

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Slip Resistant:

The fine grit surface of the FRP grating will provide slip resistance and is also comfortable for bare feet.

Corrosion Resistant:

FRP grating will not rust or rot, even with the exposure to water.

Low Maintenance:

Future painting of the FRP grating will not be required by the maintenance crew.

Application Highlights:

Tom Landry Sports Medicine and Research Center is located in Dallas, Texas. It is home to many athletes during their strenuous of time of rest and rehabilitation. Slips and falls in shower areas can be hazardous and costly, especially when you are a professional athlete. That is why the Tom Landry Sports Medicine Center needed a safe and slip-resistant surface installed over the shower drains in the shower room.

The facility chose Fibergrate's Aqua Grate® pultruded pedestrian grating to cover the drains in their training center locker rooms. The drains varied in length and were approximately 10" in width. Because the drains were narrow in width, 6" tie bar spacing was used for the 1" deep pultruded grating. The Aqua Grate® T1210 grating with its standard silica sand grit provides a safe, slip-resistant surface, yet is gentle on the players' feet. The gray, built-in color also blends well with the shower walls and floor and will not require future painting by the maintenance crew. Because Fibergrate offers corrosion resistant products, they will not have to worry about scraping corroded grating either.

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