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Silverton Casino Aquarium


Las Vegas, Nevada


Aqua Grate® T1215 pultruded grating; Corvex® molded grating and stair treads; Dynaform® structural shapes

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Slip Resistant:

Fibergrate's FRP products provided safety for divers and maintenance workers around the tank's exterior

Corrosion Resistant:

FRP will not corrode, even submerged constantly in saltwater

Low Maintenance:

There will not be any downtime required to maintain the products in the tank, so the daily diving show will not be interrupted

Application Highlights:

Silverton Hotel & Casino located in Las Vegas, Nevada, recently opened an expansion that houses several large saltwater aquariums. The main aquarium at the hotel holds 117,000 gallons of saltwater and is home to over 4,000 fish and three species of sharks and stingrays. Two underwater shows take place inside this aquarium that provides easy visibility to guests through its large curved windows and octagonal shape.

The large aquarium needed a ramp leading to the service platform at the top of the tank and also an ocean floor platform inside of the tank. Because this is a saltwater aquarium, metal could not be used inside the tank. The designers were in need of a product that could stand up to the corrosive saltwater environment and provide safety for divers and maintenance workers around the tank's exterior.

Fibergrate was able to provide a variety of FRP materials that met all of the specifications for this aquarium attraction. Fibergrate's covered FRP grating was used to construct a ramp leading to the tank's service platform. Aqua Grate® T1215 pultruded grating, Corvex® molded grating and stair treads, along with Dynaform® structural shapes were used in combination to create a custom service platform around the top of the aquarium. This platform allows divers to safely enter and exit the tank for underwater shows. FRP molded grating and pedestals were also used on the ocean floor of the tank to create platforms where coral lies allowing for water filtration throughout the entire habitat.

The non-corrosive elements of Fibergrate's products will hold up in this harsh saltwater environment. Divers and maintenance workers can safely walk along the exterior tank platform without slip concerns and the long life, low maintenance of Fibergrate's products means spending more time with the fish instead of worrying about the platform. While there may be daily diving shows in the aquarium, Fibergrate's performance is outlasting the competition making Fibergrate's dive into Vegas a success!

Silverton Hotel - Recreation FRP Product Solutions