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Los Angeles Zoo Tank Platform


Los Angeles, California


All FRP platform was constructed using Dynaform® structural shapes, Corvex® molded grating and stair treads, and Dynarail® railing and ladders

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Lightweight material save end user money because installation costs were lower than those of steel.

Corrosion Resistant:

The all FRP platform will not rust or corrode.

Low Maintenance:

FRP does not need to be repainted, so zoo maintenance workers will not have to worry about repainting the platform over time.

Application Highlights:

The sea lion pools at the Los Angeles Zoo were suffering from a bacteria problem. To solve the problem the zoo maintenance and construction crew added a fractionator protein skimmer to oxygenate and filter the pools. An elevated structure, specified with a 6,000 pound loading requirement, was needed to hold the heavy fractionator tank behind the scenes.

Fibergrate's products had been successfully installed throughout the Los Angeles Zoo in the past, so the construction team was aware of the benefits of using fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP).

Fibergrate was able design a platform structure to hold the fractionator tank which was discovered to actually weigh 11,200 pounds! The platform was constructed using Dynaform® structural shapes, Corvex molded grating and stair treads, and Dynarail® railing and ladders.

The Los Angeles Zoo's maintenance and construction crew were able to easily install the lightweight platform themselves, which saved valuable time and money since they needed no contractors or welders. The end user was also surprised to learn that the FRP platform was capable of supporting almost twice the weight originally specified. Finally, the maintenance crew was relieved to have another Fibergrate structure that would provide many years of rust-free service without additional painting or maintenance. FRP sealed the deal for this platform.

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