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Henry Doorly Zoo


Omaha, Nebraska


Fibergrate® 1-1/2" deep, 1-1/2" square mesh Corvex® FRP molded grating, Fiberplate® and Dynaform® structural angles

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Corrosion Resistant:

Fibergrate's FRP products can withstand being constantly submerged in saltwater.


Low Installation Cost:

The cost of installation is lower due to the lightweight properties of FRP when compared to traditional materials.


Slip Resistant:

Fibergrate provided slip resistant FRP grating to be used for walkways that needed to be safe for employees access.

Application Highlights:

Fibergrate provided the FRP structural products which were used in the construction of The City of Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo's New Kingdom of the Sea Aquarium. The 71,000 square foot aquarium includes a broad range of species and various aquatic habitats for public viewing.

As any of the exhibits would be underwater, the grating and structural products used also had to be resistant to the corrosive effects of a saltwater environment. Also, in conjunction with a number of access walkways the aquarium needed exhibits that required structural components offering a combination of durability, strength and low cost.

Fibergrate® 1-1/2" deep, 1-1/2" square mesh Corvex® molded grating was chosen to form all of the aquarium's walkways and to provide sand filter support for each exhibit, including the aquarium's 850,000 gallon shark tank. The grating was elevated with concrete bricks and covered by a fine thermoplastic screen material, on top of which sand, rock and coral were placed. In addition to structural support, the grating provides a realistic appearance and serves as a giant sand filter for the exhibit. A combination of molded grating and Fiberplate® was also used to form a gate between the shark tank and the holding area where the fish are kept for treatment.

Corvex® grating was installed atop the aquarium's exhibit tanks, providing sure footing for employees caring for the exhibits. In addition, Fiberplate® and Dynaform® structural angles served as structural supports for the moveable floor in the aquarium's interactive wave motion exhibit. Structural shapes and plating were also used for the access doors in large exhibits and underwater signs in the shark tank. Outside of the aquarium, FRP grating was installed in the pygmy hippo exhibit, in the cages holding large cats and in the baboon cages.

Henry Doorly Zoo - Recreation FRP Product Solutions