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Salt Processing Plant


Breaux Bridge, Louisiana


Fibergrate Vi-Corr® molded grating; Dynarail® FRP railings; Dynaform® FRP structural support components; Fibertred® stair panels

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Corrosion Resistant:

FRP walkways and platforms have the ability to withstand the highly corrosive conditions encountered at the plant.


Slip Resistant:

FRP Fibertred stair treads replaced slick metal steps in the load-out area. The slip resistant surface of the treads will be safer for workers.


Long Service Life:

FRP will outlast steel, requires little maintenance, and won't require replacement.

Application Highlights:

Cargill, Inc. is an International marketer, processor and distributor of agricultural, food, financial and industrial products. One of their many salt processing plants is located in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Cargill Salt uses three major production methods including: mechanical evaporation facilities, solar evaporation and harvesting from ponds, and rock salt mining from underground mines. Cargill was looking for a product to use in their facility for walkways and platforms that had a better overall life cycle cost and the ability to withstand the highly corrosive conditions encountered at the plant.

Fibergrate's fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products were selected by Cargill. Over a period of two years, Fibergrate replaced the plant's steel structures with fiberglass systems. The metal grating walkways in the dryer building, elevator structure, and caustic storage area were all updated using Fibergrate's Vi-Corr® molded grating. In addition, Vi-Corr® molded grating was also installed in the loading platforms. Dynarail® FRP railings and Dynaform® FRP structural support components were also engineered for installation in the caustic storage area, while slip-resistant Fibertred® stair panels replaced metal stairways in the load-out area.

Cargill continues to use Fibergrate products, replacing items as needed in other areas of the plant. Based on the quality of Fibergrate's FRP products, Cargill has a worry-free solution to the corrosive effects of its saltwater products on plant walkways and stairs.

Cargill Salt - FRP in Metals and Mining