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ABI Power Station


Becancour, Quebec, Canada


FRP Platforms - Corvex® molded grating; ISOFR Dynaform® structural shapes; Dynarail® railing and ladder systems

ABI_Alcoa-Power-Station1.gif ABI_Alcoa-Power-Station2.gif



Non Conductive:

Conductive resistant FRP railings, ladders and platforms for the plant's electricity alimentation created added safety for workers.

Application Highlights:

The $1.65 billion dollar ABI plant in Becancour, Quebec produces over 400,000 megatons of aluminum per year. ABI employs over 1,000 people. Its parent company, Alcoa, is the second largest producer of aluminum in the world. ABI decided to renovate sections of its plant.

ABI decided to add twelve new transformers at the plant's power station as part of the plants renovation project. The power station's newly installed transformers needed conductive resistant railings, ladders and platforms for the plant's electricity alimentation.

Going up against tough competition Fibergrate was able to fabricate a non-conductive maintenance platform system for the power station. The engineering firm chose to use Fibergrate's Dynarail® railings and ladder systems in conjunction with Corvex® molded grating and ISOFR Dynaform® structural shapes. At an economical price, Fibergrate delivered exceptional service over its competitors and was therefore chosen to be the first 100% FRP project in the plant.

ABI Power Station - FRP in Metals and Mining