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FRP Deck for Rooftop Patio


Project Specs:

Location: Greenwood Village, Colorado

Application: FRP Deck for Rooftop Patio

Product: Safe-T-Span® Pultruded Grating


Located in Greenwood Village, this entertainment complex offers bowling, arcade games, live music, food, and drinks for up to 2,300 guests. The centerpiece of this building is their 16,000 square foot rooftop patio that serves as a dining area, beer garden, and an adult playground with billiard, giant chess, ping pong and foosball tables, as well as a cornhole arena.


The contractor planned to use steel platforms consisting of steel beams and steel planks placed on top of pedestals. These steel platforms would be covered with pavers and turf for the rooftop patio’s deck. However, shipping and installation of steel grating is time consuming and costly. In addition to installation costs and time, the contractor took future costs into consideration. The significant weight of steel grating could damage the rooftop and using steel grating in an outdoor application carries the risk of corrosion which would eventually cost thousands in future maintenance costs.


After meeting with the contractor and listening to their concerns, a Fibergrate representative presented the contractor with a solution that would help prevent damage to the rooftop, save them thousands of dollars in repairs in the future, and save a considerable amount of time in installation. The Fibergrate representative offered a leveled and strong deck made of Safe-T-Span pultruded grating. Fibergrate’s fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) pultruded grating is ideal for rooftop patios such as this one where long support spans are required. Its corrosion resistant properties will help reduce the cost of maintenance and provide years of trouble-free service. Additionally, the lightweight properties of fiberglass pultruded grating allowed an easy installation and reduced the overall weight of the platform. The entire deck now consists of Safe-T-Span pultruded grating sitting on steel beams covered with pavers and synthetic lawn. The installation concluded in June 2021, just in time for the soft opening, and in the words of the contractor, the selected material: “Couldn’t have been better!”


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