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Covered Stair Treads at Apartment Complex

F R P Covered Stair TreadsFibergrate Covered G R P Stair TreadsFiberglass Reinforced Plastic Covered Stair Treads

Project Specs:

Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

Application: Covered Stair Treads at Apartment Complex

Product: Fibergrate® Covered Stair Treads


Located in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona, this apartment complex is just a short distance away from malls, restaurants, and the city’s cultural landmarks. It is a favored choice by the students of the University of Northern Arizona.


The apartment complex was using staircases with concrete stair treads for residents to access the top floor apartments; however, the concrete stair treads were starting to deteriorate and needed to be replaced. The contractor was looking for a structurally sound stair tread solution which was chemically resistant to salt water and could be installed quickly because residents on the top floors could not be without a set of stairs for an extended period of time.


The contractor, Eagar Welding, selected Fibergrate’s Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) covered stair treads for this project. The contractor had worked with Fibergrate products in the past and knew that Fibergrate Covered Stair Treads were similar in appearance to concrete. Thanks to their ability to withstand many corrosive substances, including salt, continuous moisture, and routine cleaning, these stair treads will outlast the steel they are installed on. Additionally, the grit top of Fibergrate Covered Stair Treads offers a slip resistant surface, suitable even for barefoot traffic. The covered stair treads were fastened to galvanized steel stringers at the contractor’s warehouse. The assembled stair assemblies were shipped to the apartment complex and quickly and easily installed in part due to the lightweight properties of the Fibergrate Covered Stair Treads.

Eagar Welding has continued to use Fibergrate’s products and services making this another great example of how Fibergrate FRP solutions offer quality, long term durability, and convenience.


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