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Cedar Square FRP Vent Covers


Johannesburg, South Africa


Fibergrate FRP molded grating with Corvex® resin in dark gray; Dynaform® structural shapes - angle and channel

CedarSquareMall2.gif CedarSquareMall3.gif




The height of this project called for lightweight FRP which also helped eliminate extra cost.


Corrosion Resistant:

Fibergrate FRP grating will not rust in the elements, unlike steel products.

Aesthetically Pleasing:

FRP molded grating was used to cover air conditioning vents, creating a nicer building facade for customers.

Application Highlights:

This shopping centre had unsightly air conditioning vents on the exterior of the building. If the centre was going to attract retailers and restaurants, this was going to have to be remedied. Along with the aesthetic challenges the contractor desired lightweight materials that would be easy to install.

Fibergrate's FRP molded grating with Corvex was used as an alternative to conventional aluminum louvers in front of the vent shafts and office windows as an aesthetically pleasing screen. The grating was used in a vertical position. It was then secured to the wall using a FRP bracket that was manufactured from Dynaform Structural Shapes. Along with the vent covers the molded grating was successfully used in the fountains as trench covers because of its corrosion resistant properties.

Cedar Square FRP Vent Covers PDF