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ADA Compliant Wheelchair Ramp with Structural Shapes, Dynarail and Guardrail

ada compliant wheelchair ramp, structural shapes, g r p grating, f r p gratingada compliant wheelchair ramp, dynarail, guardrail, handrail, f r p composite structuresada compliant wheelchair ramp, dynarail, guardrail, handrail, g r p composite structures, f r p grating

Project Specs:

Location: : Detroit, Michigan

Application: ADA-Compliant Wheelchair Ramp

Product: : ISOFR Dynaform® Structural Shapes, ISOFR Dynarail® Guardrail, VEFR Dynarail® Handrail, and Corvex® Molded Grating




An energy company in Detroit, Michigan, specializes in the development and management of various businesses in the energy industry in the United States and Canada. In search of a new ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp, they decide to go with Fibergrate’s molded grating with Corvex® resin. Not only do these ramps meet ADA standards, but they also foster inclusion.


The current steel ramp at the service building was no longer up to code because of severe corrosion, so the energy company needed a new solution to replace it. Due to the snowy conditions of Michigan, they relied heavily on salt which led to the severe corrosion of the steel ramp. The energy company wanted to add on to an existing platform that was built two years prior.


The energy company decided to use fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) instead of steel for this ramp. The benefits of FRP include:

• Corrosion Resistant: The corrosion resistant properties of FRP were especially important because of the salt that will be used during snowy seasons.

• Slip Resistance: Because of Detroit’s rainy and snowy conditions, the ramp needs to have a safe and slip resistant surface for anyone in a wheelchair. Slip resistant footing is achieved by applying fine quartz grit to the cover plate. Using the FRP ramp won’t cause any slippage as opposed to a steel ramp.

• ADA Compliant Traffic Surface: Fibergrate’s Corvex molded grating has a solid plate permanently affixed to the top surface. It is a 1-1/2” deep grating with a 1/8” solid gritted cover, making it ADA compliant since there are no openings.

• Long Service Life: The new FRP ramp will outlast a ramp made of steel due to FRP’s corrosion resistant properties.

• Low Maintenance: While steel requires regular scraping, sandblasting, or painting, FRP is nearly maintenance-free, allowing the energy company to cut down maintenance costs and downtime.

Fibergrate was selected based on the good working relationship developed from a previous project. The local territory manager suggested replacing the steel ramp with a picket style, ADA-complaint wheelchair ramp made with FRP structural shapes and molded grating. Throughout the process, Fibergrate’s local territory manager went above and beyond to ensure that the solution provided for this ramp was effective and made sure the whole experience was positive for everyone involved. The energy company has a worry-free solution to the corrosive effects of salt on their ramp. The installation was successful, and the customer was extremely satisfied with Fibergrate’s work.