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Cost Effective, More Efficient World

When it comes to railing and grating solutions, many engineers are unaware of the advantages of FRP products. They can reduce costs by specifying FRP in place of traditional steel, wood and concrete.

For many engineers, building a better world has meant using steel, but steel also means higher costs, complicated installation and additional maintenance. In fact, relying on steel can mean paying over 60% more than FRP over the life of the product.

FRP is a proven solution allowing you balance durability and cost effectiveness with innovative new approaches for grating, handrail, guardrail, ladders and structural products. FRP is lightweight, easy to install and lasts longer than traditional steel products.

We have the right products for your environmental, structural or safety needs.


When it comes to your structural needs, you have more choices than steel. We engineer and manufacture the right product for your application and provide local support for every phase of the project.

  • FRP is 1/3 the cost of steel over the lifetime of the product.
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  • Fibergrate engineers long-lasting FRP products for the most corrosive environments.
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  • Fibergrate has been supporting engineers' FRP product needs for over 50 years.
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See how others are using FRP.

Gratings and walkways may not seem like a major concern on a project, but when you are a global manufacturer producing more than 50 million pounds of chemicals a year, any problem can be serious.

Our customer, PPG Industries, needed platform and walkway solutions that were resistant to the corrosion caused by the production of chemicals. We worked with PPG to analyze the corrosive environment and found the FRP product that best addressed their challenges.

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