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April Hill Park Bridge and Broadwalk with Pultruded Grating

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Project Specs:

Location: : April Hill Park - Portland, Oregon

Application: : Decking on Bridges and Boardwalk

Product: T2515 Safe-T-Span® Pedestrian Pultruded Grating


April Hill Park is a 10-acre park located in a residential neighborhood in southwestern Portland, Oregon. It is in the Woods Creek Subwatershed of Fanno Creek. Five acres of the park are a natural area with wetlands surrounding a portion of Woods Creek while the other five acres are a developed park area. Over time, neighbors and other park visitors have created many social trails through the natural area of April Hill Park.


The increased number of social trails have led to adverse effects on the natural wetland and creek. The April Hill Park Wetland Protection Program wanted to have a designated nature trail with pedestrian bridges and a boardwalk over the wetland area. A designated path would restore and further protect the natural habitat enjoyed by local residents.


The April Hill Park Management and Trail Plan wanted to design a sustainable trail system using high quality and long-lasting materials. The trail system would include 650’ of soft trail, pedestrian bridges, and a boardwalk to allow for safe viewing of the wetland and stream. Fibergrate’s T2515 Safe-T-Span® pedestrian pultruded grating was selected for the decking material on the boardwalk and bridges.

T2515 FRP grating has a 25% open area that allows for the habitat below the surface to receive sunlight, further protecting the soil around the creek and promoting amphibian growth. Fibergrate’s FRP grating has the ability to withstand the elements in Portland thus providing protection of both the park’s natural environment and visitors. It will continue looking great for years to come without requiring much maintenance, and the slip resistant surface will provide a safe walking surface. Safe-T-Span also meets ADA requirements for public access, a must for this project.

The Portland Parks & Recreation Department has had previous success using Fibergrate’s products due to the long lasting, low maintenance features provided by the material. Not to mention, having a local salesman along with in-house design and engineering support have also contributed to Fibergrate being a preferred product. The positive experience working with Fibergrate has led to additional projects in neighboring cities.


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